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Manor Clinic Rehab Southampton

Manor Clinic is no longer accepting
new clients for admission

If you or a loved one needs help, Priory has a nationwide network of services offering treatment for addictions, including Life Works in Woking. For more details, call 0800 840 3219

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Welcome to Manor Rehab Clinic, an exclusive private rehab clinic, located in Southampton, UK. Our expert team are dedicated to delivering specialist support for a range of substance addictions, including alcohol rehab, drug rehab, as well as broader behavioural addictions such as gambling addiction. Detox programmes for alcohol detox and drug detox are also available.

Manor Clinic provides individuals with the opportunity to heal in a safe and comfortable environment. Our care teams provide comprehensive services that have been carefully tailored to meet our patients’ unique needs and to help them re-establish constructive relationships with themselves, their families, and their friends, rebuilding bridges if necessary. Book a FREE assessment today

Contact us by phone: 0800 840 3219
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Private Rehab Clinic in Hampshire

We provide high quality addiction treatments at our private UK rehab clinic and detox centre in Southampton, Hampshire. This includes alcohol rehab and drug addictions, and behavioural addictions such as gambling and shopping addiction. Call today to discuss how Manor Clinic's specialist team can help to get you take back control of your life.

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