About Us

Located in Southampton, The Manor Clinic is a world class 14-bed addiction treatment centre that provides state-of-the-art care to people who desire to break free from the confines of addiction, chemical dependency, and co-occurring mental health concerns.

When you choose The Manor Clinic as the place to embark on the journey toward a sober and recovered life, you are becoming part of dynamic community that exists to support you every step of the way. Given our small, intimate setting that is both safe and conducive to recovery, you are given the necessary attention and effective interventions that will enable you to live the substance-free life you deserve to be living. Our staff of dedicated professionals, who are expertly trained to care for those working to become sober, are on-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist the individuals entrusted into our care so that they may come to realise and experience the improved physical and mental health that comes with leaving substance misuse in the past.

The Manor Clinic features three unique programmes so as to meet the varying treatment needs of our patients. When engaged in one of these programmes, our staff will work closely with patients to customise treatment plans that are aimed to garner the most favourable treatment outcomes.

Depending upon your own needs, one of the below listed options for care can encompass your treatment experience at our centre:

Our centre only utilises the most effective and evidence-based treatment methods and modalities within our programmes, and we have a confirmed success rate of helping our patients defeat addictions to the following substances of misuse:

Furthermore, our staff are seasoned in caring for a variety of mental health conditions that are known to exist alongside addictions to alcohol and drugs. If you are grappling with one or more of the following mental health disorders at the same time as an addiction, you can expect to receive the additional care you need to live a healthier life:

If you or someone you care about is battling an addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns, the search for a top provider is over. Let our staff and high quality care allow you or your loved one to begin life anew. At The Manor Clinic, where recovery is possible.

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The Manor Clinic is part of Priory Healthcare, for more information visit www.priorygroup.com

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