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Manor Clinic is a leading addiction rehabilitation centre, providing expert treatment for alcohol addiction, drug addiction and many behavioural addictions such as gambling and internet addiction.

Dedicated to delivering expert treatment to each individual who seeks help and support with us, our Addiction Treatment Programme aims to empower our patients to address their unique difficulties, receive specialist care and achieve the best possible individual outcomes on their journey to addiction recovery.

Stories of Addiction Recovery from the Manor Clinic

Treatment programmes at Manor Clinic, Hampshire

Manor Clinic offers world-class rehab treatment for addictions and co-occurring mental health difficulties as part of a comprehensive residential programme. Often consisting of 28-days (with 7, 14 and 21-day options also available) Manor Clinic’s comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programme offers the best residential treatment for addictions available.

Throughout your course of treatment, your recovery and care is put at the very forefront. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, we also offer a drug detox and an alcohol detox programme, helping you to safely withdraw from these substances in a controlled environment, while receiving round-the-clock care.

Once the detox has been completed, you will then be able to transition directly to our rigorous therapy programme, in order to tackle the psychological side of your addiction.

The Addiction Treatment Programme at Manor Clinic also comprises:

  • A free, no obligation addiction assessment
  • Medication management
  • Structured group therapy programmes
  • A specialist family programme
  • A range of therapeutic interventions and wellbeing activities
  • Access to 12-Step support groups
  • Free addiction treatment aftercare for life
  • Free family support for life following addiction treatment

Our approach to treatment is based on the 12-Step approach. This is an abstinence-based programme, which focuses on an individual’s motivation to change their destructive behaviours, whilst also incorporating elements of spirituality within the recovery journey.

FREE Confidential Addiction Assessment

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with an addiction, we are hear to help. 

We offer a free, confidential addictions assessment here at Manor Clinic to assess addiction symptoms and any co-occuring conditions that could be affecting someone. 

Book your FREE confidential addiction assessment here.

Therapy at Manor Clinic

Therapy is an effective treatment for a range of addictions and forms a large part of the Addiction Treatment Programme. Delivered in formats such as group therapy, one-to-one therapy or family support, our specialist addiction treatment team at Manor Clinic have extensive experience in delivering a wide array of evidence-based therapeutic techniques.

The type and combination of therapeutic approaches that are used depend on your condition, and the nature of the challenges that you’re facing. Examples might include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Mood management
  • Emotional freedom techniques

Alongside therapy, you can also benefit from our holistic interventions, such as yoga or meditation. These wellbeing activities help you to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit during your time with us, and can be arranged to happen at the weekend depending on instructor availability.

Medication Management

If an individual’s addiction is accompanied by a co-existing mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety, we are able to include appropriate medication within the treatment programme, in order to alleviate their symptoms.

If you receive medication management as part of your treatment programme at Manor Clinic, you will typically meet with a psychiatrist on a weekly basis. Members of our expert team are also available round-the-clock to monitor medications and provide additional support if needed.

Is the Addiction Treatment Programme right for me?

If your addiction is causing you to struggle to manage your daily responsibilities, or is severely affecting your ability to function normally, you may benefit from intensive treatment at Manor Clinic. Our residential Addiction Treatment Programme is suitable for people who:

  • Need to be stabilised or require detoxification
  • Need a structured and intensive treatment plan
  • Need to spend some time away from their everyday living situation, which may be contributing to their addiction and co-occurring difficulties

If you think you, or your loved one, would benefit from expert treatment from the Manor Clinic, call us on 023 8098 6999 for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you to get your life back on track, or book your FREE addiction assessment and being your journey to recovery.

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