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A commitment to your ongoing recovery

At Manor Clinic, we believe that long-term abstinence and sobriety require a long-term commitment. During your time with us, our staff are dedicated to ensuring that you begin a successful road to recovery, and we start planning for this the moment you start treatment.

We understand that returning home following a residential stay in a rehab centre can cause individuals to feel anxious and question their ability to remain abstinent. As such, continuing care planning is incorporated into your treatment journey and discharge is discussed in a group format with other patients and our expert team. This enables you to address any apprehension that you may feel about leaving rehab treatment, and equip you for a positive future back in the community.

Additionally, we ensure that your individual needs are assessed for the duration of your treatment so that we can accurately determine the appropriate follow-up services and resources needed to help you to remain healthy and abstinent when you leave rehab treatment. This means that you are able to continue and build upon the progress you have made at Manor Clinic.

Free aftercare for life

At Manor Clinic, we are proud to offer free aftercare for life for all individuals who complete a 28-day treatment programme with us. This consists of:

  • Aftercare group, which runs for a full day each week
  • 24-hour telephone support
  • Family support
  • Annual summer BBQ and Christmas party

For more information on our comprehensive aftercare offering, please visit our dedicated aftercare page.

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