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A comprehensive family support programme at Manor Clinic, Southampton

At Manor Clinic, we understand that substance addictions, (such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin or cannabis) behavioural addictions and co-occurring disorders can extend far beyond the individual seeking rehab treatment. These issues can also have a huge impact on the lives of family members, close friends, work colleagues and others who care about or depend upon the individual.

We also recognise that these individuals can play an essential role in the recovery process. For these reasons, we are proud to offer comprehensive family support to each of our patients and their immediate family, loved ones or others who have been impacted by their addiction and co-occurring challenges. Our family support programme has been specifically designed to address individual needs, strengthen relationships and educate family members on how best to support the individual’s continued recovery.

Our dedicated family liaison team offers support to help family and friends understand their loved one’s illness, set and maintain healthy boundaries and develop more constructive ways of communicating, all within a safe and non-judgemental environment.

Structured family therapy

As part of our family support programme, we offer family and friends the opportunity to participate in fortnightly family therapy sessions. Led by an experienced member of our family liaison team, family support sessions are excellent opportunities for the person in treatment and their loved ones to address the ways in which the addiction has impacted on them as individual and also as a wider unit.

Family support also provides a structured and supportive environment in which family members can address the difficulties that they have experienced in a healthy and productive manner. Family members will also learn how to make lifestyle changes that will empower them to live healthier and more satisfying lives, whilst also providing the most effective support to the individual in treatment during their lifelong recovery journey.

Family intervention for addictions

Our family support programme is designed to address individual needs, strengthen the family unit, and educate family members on how best to support their loved one’s ongoing recovery. One part of this is teaching family and friends about the intervention process.

It can be difficult to watch someone you love cause harm to themselves, and if you think that you have a family member or a friend who is struggling with an addiction, you may feel anxious, upset and helpless. However, it’s important to recognise that addictions can be treated successfully and it’s possible for your loved one to make a full and lasting recovery.

Before speaking to your family member or loved one about their addiction and encouraging them to get help, it’s important to be aware of/consider the following:

  • Know the signs and symptoms of an addiction – recognise changes in behaviour, appearance, loss of interest in activities that they previously enjoyed, secrecy and denial
  • Know how to react – family and friends will often feel fearful, hopeless, guilty, isolated and embarrassed. Our family liaison team can support you through these difficult emotions. Remember – this is not your fault
  • Know where to turn – you cannot control an addict nor force them to go to the doctor or local support group. Many families try for years to persuade their loved one to get help and are often met with denial and hostility
  • How to break your loved one’s denial – it is very unusual for the addict to seek help unless there is no other alternative. Therefore, it can be useful to utilise a crisis, which the addict creates, as a catalyst, so the addict has no alternative but to seek treatment
  • How to let your loved one know how you feel – show tough love without shouting. Tell them clearly and directly when they are reasonably sober/clean if you are upset, hurt, angry or afraid

All of these steps are covered in more detail throughout our family support programme, helping you to help your loved one enter rehab treatment and stay on the right path.

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