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Types of therapy offered at Manor Clinic

Addiction treatment at Manor Clinic is based on the world renowned 12-Step addiction treatment model. This approach is an abstinence-based philosophy, which provides a set of guiding principles for the addiction rehab journey. You can find out more about the 12-Step model and our Addiction Treatment Programme at Manor Clinic by visiting our approach to addiction treatment page.

In addition to the 12-Step approach, we may also be able to offer a range of complimentary, evidence-based therapeutic techniques and wellbeing activities at Manor Clinic, as part of your Addiction Treatment Programme.

Please note, these activities are complimentary and subject to availability, and may not be available all of the time.

These can be delivered on a residential basis and in a number of different formats, depending on your needs and requirements.

The therapeutic interventions and wellbeing activities that we are able to deliver at Manor Clinic are comprised of an eclectic mix of approaches and interventions. Some of these techniques include:


Mindfulness is a well-known therapeutic approach that encourages you to focus on how you feel in the ‘here and now’, whilst accepting and processing any negative emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them. During mindfulness sessions, you will be able to practise and learn the principles of this therapeutic method, meaning that you can use mindfulness whenever you need to and continue processing thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.


Activities such as yoga provide individuals in recovery with a practical and effective means of managing stress, resisting relapse and maintaining a healthy recovery long after they have completed their time in treatment. Yoga classes take place twice weekly and give you an opportunity to look within, re-focus, and regain a sense of perspective, all within a nurturing and supportive environment. We encourage you to relax, slow your breathing and focus on the present moment, which in turn slows down the mental loops of frustration, regret, anger and fear, which can cause stress.


Meditation, together with yoga, builds awareness. The more aware you are, the easier it is to break free from destructive emotions. At Manor Clinic, we understand that becoming ill with an addiction can be beyond your control, which is why we use meditation to help you to take responsibility. Meditation encourages you to develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and calmness, helping you to reach a peaceful and energised state of mind.

‘Pranayama’, or breath awareness techniques, can help with addictive behaviours, anxiety, insomnia and the stresses of everyday life. After practising meditation and pranayama regularly, many people report experiencing feelings of gratitude, empathy and forgiveness.

Personal training

We also have a personal trainer who visits the clinic every other week, offering training sessions to our patients. This enables you to work on your general fitness levels and make time to do some healthy physical activity. These sessions are arranged directly between the patient and our personal trainer.

*Please note these activities are complimentary and subject to availability. 

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