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Cannabis addiction rehabilitation in Southampton, Hampshire

Many people may think of cannabis as being a ‘soft’ drug and one that doesn’t carry serious health risks. However, this isn’t the case; our experts at Manor Clinic understand that people can still become addicted to cannabis and it has the potential to cause a whole host of serious long-term problems. That’s why we offer expert cannabis addiction treatment within our highly respected rehab centre, supporting people to get clean, understand why they turned to cannabis abuse in the first place, and take steps towards a healthy, happy and drug-free life.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is one of the most widely abused substances in the world. Widely referred to as ‘weed’, ‘pot’ or ‘marijuana’, this drug is derived from the cannabis plant and produces feelings of euphoria, tranquillity and pleasurable relaxation, due to the chemical THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is found in the plant’s leaves. These effects can be highly addictive to some people and the reason why they feel compelled to misuse this drug over and over again until they develop a harmful addiction. Cannabis is also known to have a profound effect on your central nervous system and is associated with a range of other effects such as a distorted perception of time and an increased appetite. Cannabis is often used in a social setting when people want to feel confident and relaxed. However, people may also misuse marijuana in an attempt to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety at work or in other areas of their life.

Cannabis is usually smoked but it can also cooked or baked in certain foods, or even brewed into tea. Some countries have legalised the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational use. However, in a similar way to other substances such as alcohol and other drugs, marijuana carries the potential for addiction and misuse. In addition, research suggests that abusing cannabis can cause memory problems, cognitive impairment, paranoia and is linked to the development of a range of mental health conditions.

Treatment for cannabis addiction at Manor Clinic

At Manor Clinic in Southampton, we are able to provide expert, evidence-based treatment for cannabis addiction. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to struggle on your own; expert help is available and the most crucial first step is to seek support.

In order to make the process of accessing support as smooth and straightforward as possible, we are pleased to offer a free initial assessment to all prospective patients. This takes place with a member of our specialist team, and allows you to discuss your challenges with cannabis abuse in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. You will also have the chance to ask any questions that you have on our addiction treatment process and develop an understanding of the journey that you could be taking towards a healthier way of life. We are also able to offer a medically assisted withdrawal detoxification to our patients, if this is required. This is the process by which all traces of cannabis are removed from your body in a controlled environment, whilst managing any withdrawal symptoms that you may experience.

Our friendly and welcoming environment at Manor Clinic provides the perfect setting for you to relax and focus on getting better. Our attractive gardens, homely living areas and beautifully decorated en-suite bedrooms have all been specifically designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We don’t just treat patients at Manor Clinic; you become part of our family.

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To discuss how the Manor Clinic team can help to support individuals and families dealing with an Cannabis addiction issue or for further information on treatment and rehabilitation programmes, please call: 023 8046 4721 or click here to book a FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT. 

An expert addiction treatment team

We are incredibly proud of our team at Manor Clinic, each of whom is passionate about helping individuals every step of the way towards overcoming their addiction. Our skilled experts have extensive experience in treating all kinds of addiction and are able to deliver a wide range of tried and tested therapeutic approaches. We ensure that our patients are empowered to address their condition, focus on their health and wellbeing, and achieve the most positive outcomes.

Seek support for your cannabis addiction today

Without specialist support, it’s possible for your cannabis use to become increasingly severe over time and result in a whole host of negative consequences in all areas of your life, including your work, relationships and general wellbeing. In addition, regular cannabis misuse may also lead you down the destructive path of other forms of addiction, whether that’s addiction to alcohol, other drugs, or compulsive behaviours such as gambling. That’s why it’s so important to reach out and seek help as soon as possible – the sooner you receive specialist support, the closer you are towards overcoming your addiction for good.

How do we treat cannabis addiction at Manor Clinic?

Cannabis addiction rehab at Manor Clinic takes place as part of a comprehensive residential treatment programme. Our 28-day treatment programme is our most intensive option and 28 days is also the recommended treatment time for addictions. Patients are encouraged to stay with us for longer than 28 days if this is deemed as being beneficial for their wellbeing and long-term recovery.

However, it’s also possible for us to offer other treatment lengths, if appropriate. These include:

  • 7-day detox
  • 14-day treatment programme
  • 21-day treatment programme

For more information on what each of our residential treatment programmes entails, please visit our residential treatment page.

During our 28-day option, you will go through detox, if this is required, before commencing with a tailored programme of therapy. We offer a number of different therapeutic techniques for cannabis addiction, helping you to pinpoint why you started abusing cannabis in the first place, change the unhealthy thought processes that may be fuelling your addiction, improve your self-esteem and take steps towards recovery.

Treatment for cannabis addiction at Manor Clinic is based on the well-known 12-Step addiction treatment approach. This is an abstinence-based model, which provides a set of guiding principles for the cannabis addiction rehab and treatment journey.

Our leading 28-day cannabis Addiction Treatment Programme consists of:

  • Free, no obligation addiction assessment - book your appointment today
  • Medically assisted withdrawal detoxification for your cannabis addiction, if this is required
  • Structured group therapy programme
  • A specialist family programme
  • Access to 12-Step support groups
  • Free aftercare for life following treatment
  • Free family support for life following treatment

For more information on the drug addiction treatment that we offer at Manor Clinic, as well as the type of therapy that is involved, please visit our approach to addiction treatment page.

What are the most common signs and symptoms of cannabis addiction?

The symptoms that are associated with cannabis use can vary depending on how much cannabis you are consuming and how frequently, as well as being unique for each individual. You can find more detailed information on our cannabis addiction symptoms page. However, the following are some of the most common signs that may suggest a harmful addiction is present:

  • Building a tolerance to cannabis, meaning that you need to consume greater amounts of this drug and more frequently, in order to achieve the desired ‘high’
  • Focusing more and more time on obtaining and using cannabis
  • Being dishonest or lying to loved ones about the extent of your cannabis use
  • Spending lots of money on cannabis, even if you can’t afford this
  • Continuing to consume cannabis despite the negative effects that this has had on your life and relationships
  • Taking cannabis to try and ‘self-medicate’ and cope with pre-existing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or stress
  • Intense cravings for cannabis, to the extent that these affect your mood or concentration levels
  • The appearance of withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking or are unable to obtain cannabis

This page was reviewed by Sarina Wheatman (FDAP) in October 2019 and is scheduled to be reviewed again in October 2021.

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To discuss how the Manor Clinic team can help to support individuals and families dealing with an addiction issue or for further information on treatment and rehabilitation programmes, please call: 023 8046 4721 or CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN ENQUIRY.

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