Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine, which is often referred to as ‘coke’ or ‘blow’, is an illegal stimulant drug that typically appears as a white powder or a translucent crystal. When ingested, cocaine gives the user a short-term burst of energy and feelings of pleasure and invincibility. With continued misuse, a person may develop a cocaine use disorder, which is a life-threatening condition that can be all but impossible to overcome without professional help.

At The Manor Clinic, we understand the pain that can result from cocaine misuse, but we also know that hope exists for healing. As such, we provide comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment that gives those who are struggling with addiction the chance to retake their lives and experience a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Free Cocaine Addiction Assessment

At The Manor Clinic, we recognise that it can be difficult to take the first step towards recovery from a cocaine addiction. Our free, no obligation addiction assessment allows you to discuss your unique concerns with one of our specialists, in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. This initial assessment will begin to help you to identify the underlying causes of your addiction, and is the first step towards developing a personalised addiction treatment journey.

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Why consider cocaine addiction treatment at The Manor Clinic?

If left untreated, cocaine addiction can be devastating on a person’s life. Damaging personal relationships, repeated and long-term cocaine use can leave a person socially isolated and without support. The drug can also interfere with work performance, resulting in job loss and financial ruin due to long-term unemployment and spending money to keep up a cocaine habit. Finally, the drug can damage a person’s body.

The drug itself can also cause malnourishment, loss of sense of smell, and a greater likelihood of injury or death from an accident. To avoid these negative consequences and to overcome a drug addiction, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. The Manor Clinic is well-placed to offer you all the help you need to recover from a cocaine addiction.

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Types of cocaine addiction treatment offered at The Manor Clinic

The Manor Clinic is where recovery is possible. Located in Southampton, this 14-bed centre supplies high-quality treatment to individuals who are struggling with addictions to substances and co-occurring mental health disorders. En-suite rooms are accessible to individuals with limited mobility.

Treatment methods and modalities that are proven effective in helping adults break free from chemical dependency – this centre is where lives are transformed for the better.

The team of professionals who deliver treatment at The Manor Clinic go above and beyond to help patients reach their recovery goals and are able to do so because of their expertise in treating people battling the disease of addiction. Respect for the dignity of each person entrusted into our care is revered, and the therapeutic experience at this centre is focused solely on the needs of each patient.

When a person comes to The Manor Clinic for cocaine rehab, the following methods of treatment can be incorporated into an individual’s personally tailored treatment plan, whether they are embarking on a 28, 14 or 7-day programme:

  • Medically assisted cocaine detox
  • Medication management
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family support
  • Experiential therapy

Find out more about our treatment methods.

If you or someone you care about is in need of effective cocaine addiction treatment, look no further than The Manor Clinic. Our staff are available to answer any questions that you or your loved one may have, and we are happy to help you determine if our centre is where the next and sober chapter in your life can commence.

At The Manor Clinic, a healthier, substance-free future awaits.

Helping a loved one get treatment for cocaine addiction

There are few more painful experiences than standing by and feeling helpless as they struggle with cocaine addiction. Fortunately, however, you are anything but helpless. Consider the following steps you might take to help your friend or family member:

  • Research the cocaine addiction treatment options available at The Manor Clinic
  • Learn about cocaine and cocaine addiction. Develop your ability to recognise the signs and symptoms of cocaine use and seek out help from knowledgeable professionals about how to help them with this disorder.
  • Talk with your friend or family. To the best of your ability, share your concerns with them while remaining open and non-judgemental. Be patient with him or her, remembering that they are in crisis, and work to ensure these conversations do not devolve into arguments.
  • When they are ready to enter treatment, do everything you can to help facilitate his or her transition. Work with them to secure referrals, make appointments with the treatment centre, and handle any remaining logistical issues that arise with his or her transition into care.
  • During this process, it is also very important to take care of yourself. Seeking out the support of family and friends as well as maintaining healthy habits can all help you during this difficult time. You may also consider seeking out individual therapy and a support group for people who are struggling with cocaine addiction.
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