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Accessing world class addiction treatment at Manor Clinic, Southampton

Seeking treatment for an addiction is the most important first step towards recovery. At Manor Clinic, we understand that making the decision to seek rehabilitative care can be incredibly daunting and may bring about a range of emotions. That’s why we aim to make each patient’s treatment experience one that is transformative, informative, and as worry-free as possible.

A dedicated and compassionate team

From the very first point of contact with our centre, our staff are committed to ensuring that every interaction with us is as straightforward and streamlined as possible. Our admissions process is patient-centred and helps us to learn about your unique challenges, so that we can formulate the best course of treatment and therapy for you.

Admission criteria

The first step in the admissions process is an initial telephone call with a member of our expert team. During this call, the specialist will be able to determine if you meet the core criteria for treatment at Manor Clinic:

  • You are aged 18 or older
  • You are mentally and physically able to participate in a treatment programme
  • You are struggling with a substance or behavioural addiction

At Manor Clinic, we are also able to care for individuals who are struggling with a range of mental health conditions when these co-occur alongside a primary addiction. Therefore, we will also be able to determine if you require this supplementary support during our initial conversation.

Free addiction assessment

Following this initial call and if a prospective patient meets our admission criteria, you will then receive a free addiction assessment. The purpose of this is to allow us to develop a greater understanding of the nature of your substance misuse or addictive behaviours, as well as your psychological history, so that we can determine which of our treatment programmes will be the most effective for your individual challenges. Following this initial assessment, you will be ready to commence with admission and treatment at Manor Clinic.  Click here to book a free addiction assessment. 

Referrals and funding

For more information on professional referrals as well as funding options, please access our dedicated pages by clicking on the links below:

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