Seeking treatment to end an addiction is a brave first step towards recovery. At The Manor Clinic, we commend the courage it takes to decide to get help for chemical dependency.

For many, the decision to seek rehabilitative care can bring about a range of emotions. Some may be excited for what the future holds for them, and others may feel a sense of apprehension for what is to come when the misuse of substances is no longer a factor in their lives. However, regardless of the feelings and emotions felt, The Manor Clinic aims to make each patient’s treatment experience one that is personalised, transformative, informative, and as worry-free as possible.

From the very first point of contact with our centre, our staff put forth every effort to ensure that every interaction with us is streamlined. Our admissions process, specifically, is typically the first instance in which men and women come to realise our commitment to patient-centred care. When a potential patient contacts our centre enquiring about our services, he or she will initially speak with a member of our dedicated nursing staff. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these staff members can inform those interested in our treatment about the methods we use and how we are able to help our patients break free from the insidious cycle of substance misuse.

Additionally, potential patients can provide our staff with information about their treatment needs so that we can determine if our services will be effective in helping them achieve sobriety.

In order to partake in The Manor Clinic treatment experience, patients have to meet certain criteria for admission. During a potential patient’s initial phone call, a member of our nursing staff can determine if the individual meets the following criteria:

  • Must be age 18 or older
  • Must be mentally and physically able to participate in programming
  • Must have an addiction to a substance or substances, including alcohol, prescription medications, and/or illicit drugs

The Manor Clinic is also able to care for those who are struggling with co-occurring mental health conditions, and, therefore, we do not rule out those who are in need of treatment for mental disorders as well.

If a potential patient meets our admission criteria, they will then complete an assessment with our staff. During an assessment, the following will occur:

  • Our staff will enquire about the patient’s full substance misuse, medical, and psychological history
  • The patient will complete a drug screen and breathalyser, and they will provide a blood sample

Based on the information gathered during the assessment, our staff can determine which of our programming options will be best suited to meet the individual’s needs. Once this determination is made, the patient can then be admitted to our centre.

At The Manor Clinic, we are happy to speak with anyone interested in our services. We can answer any questions that you or your loved one may have, and we can begin the process of admission over the phone.

When a person chooses to heal at our world-class centre, he or she takes the first steps toward a much brighter and more promising future.

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