Professional referrals

At The Manor Clinic, we form close bonds with the people we treat. In choosing our centre as the place to leave an addiction in the past, patients soon realise our dedication to helping them reach their treatment goals, as well as our staff’s devotion to ensuring that they are successful along their recovery journeys. Our commitment to patient-centred treatment is one of the many reasons why The Manor Clinic is a leading addiction treatment provider.

In addition to working closely with patients while they are in our care at The Manor Clinic, we are pleased to work with other mental health professionals and healthcare providers who feel an individual would benefit from our services. Among the many types of professionals who refer potential patients to our centre, the following are a few examples of the most common referral sources we collaborate with for the betterment of those in need of addiction treatment:

  • General practitioners
  • Consultants
  • Referral agencies
  • Mental health professionals

Ultimately, we do require potential patients to refer themselves to our centre. However, we are happy to speak with referents about an individual who is in need of addiction treatment. Our manager or a member of our helpful nursing staff can take information about a potential patient and contact can be made with the individual in order to complete an assessment. Should a person engage in our programmes, we can also provide the following to a referent while a patient is receiving care at The Manor Clinic:

  • Updates on the progress of the patient
  • The patient’s anticipated discharge date
  • Recommendations for aftercare

Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to coordinate aftercare services with referents if the patient intends to resume care with the professional who referred him or her to our centre.

To learn more about The Manor Clinic, the treatment modalities and methods we use or the process of referring a potential patient to our centre, feel free to contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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