Alcohol Detox Programme

The Importance of Detox for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a prevalent problem in the UK, that is associated with a variety of short and long-term problems.

Two of the many destructive symptoms of alcohol addiction are the inability to control the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption, and the need to drink increasingly larger amounts of alcohol in order to achieve the desired effect. These symptoms can increase the risk of physical and psychological damage, as well as making it much more difficult for somebody to stop drinking alcohol.

Physical symptoms:

  • Sleep disruption
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Injuries sustained as a result of accidents whilst drunk

Psychological damage:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Impaired judgement
  • Poor memory

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person becomes addicted to alcohol, their body will adapt to its presence. When this person attempts to stop drinking, or to significantly reduce the amount or frequency of their alcohol consumption, their body may trigger a series of painful and dangerous reactions. This experience which is known as alcohol withdrawal, may include:

  • Intense cravings for alcohol
  • Shaking/Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Fever
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Accelerated heart rate

Depending upon the nature and severity of an individual’s addiction to alcohol, attempting to withdraw from alcohol without proper professional supervision can be extremely dangerous.

Along with this, the extreme distress of attempting alcohol detox by yourself can seriously hinder your chances of quitting alcohol.

Thankfully, there is a better, safer and healthier alternative. By participating in an alcohol detoxification programme at a reputable treatment facility, such as The Manor Clinic a person can rid their body of alcohol in a comfortable environment without putting their health at risk.

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Benefits of Alcohol Detox

Detoxification is, in the most general sense of the word, the process of removing toxins, poisons, or other impurities from the body. In the case of alcohol addiction, detoxification refers to the process through which a person rids their body of alcohol. Commonly referred to as alcohol detox, this process occurs in a safe environment where qualified professionals can continuously monitor the comfort, safety, and continued health of the individual.

When a person chooses to complete alcohol detox through a reputable treatment programme, they may reap significant short and long-term benefits, including but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • First, as noted earlier on this page, detoxification occurs in a safe environment under the close supervision of experienced professionals, so the health and wellbeing of the individual is protected.
  • Depending upon the needs of the individual, medically assisted alcohol detox may involve use of certain prescription medications that can alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and suppress alcohol cravings.
  • The compassionate care that is provided by the professionals who staff medically monitored detox programmes can help individuals manage any discomfort that is not addressed by medications.
  • An effective medically assisted detox experience helps individuals to regain the physical and psychological strength that will empower them to fully engage in follow-on therapeutic programming and to successfully pursue long-term sobriety.
  • While an individual is completing alcohol detox, the members of his or her treatment team will be developing a discharge plan so that he or she can transition directly into the level of follow-on care that is best suited to his or her strengths, needs, and goals.
If you feel that you are in crisis, or are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others, please call 999 or go to the nearest hospital A&E immediately.

The Manor Clinic

Failing to receive proper professional treatment for alcohol addiction can put an individual at significant risk for a wide range of negative outcomes, including but not limited to deteriorating physical health, psychological distress, diminished performance at work and/or in school, strained interpersonal relationships, and an overall decline in quality of life.

When an individual makes the courageous decision to begin their path to recovery by entering a medically assisted detoxification programme, they prevent further decline, can begin to heal from past damage, and can develop the physical and psychological strength that will support long-term recovery. When this individual has completed alcohol detox, they can transfer directly into a programme that will provide them with the skills and strategies to resist relapse and continue along the path of lifelong sobriety.

At The Manor Clinic, we understand that admitting that you have a problem with alcohol is not easy, and deciding to enter an alcohol detox programme can be extremely difficult. For these and many other reasons, we honour the strength of each person who chooses to detox with us, and we aim to ensure that every element of treatment in our programme is provided with the utmost dignity and respect. At The Manor Clinic, our goal is to provide the personalised services that will prepare each person to recover from alcohol addiction, achieve their treatment goals, and pursue a healthier, more productive, and more satisfying future.

If you or someone that you care about has been struggling with alcohol addiction, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to answering all of your questions and helping you determine if The Manor Clinic is the perfect place for you or your loved one.

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