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A wealth of resources on addiction to alcohol drugs as well as behavioural addictions such as; gambling, sex and pornography. 

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Addicted to spending money: Signs, symptoms and next steps

In recent years, shopping addiction has come to incorporate online shopping, as well as ‘face-to-face’ transactions. As…

Is my husband an alcoholic? - Spotting the signs of addiction

When someone you live with drinks alcohol, it isn’t always easy to recognise if they’ve developed an addiction. The sign…

Co-codamol Addiction Symptoms

If you have a dependence on co-codamol, don’t try to stop taking it on your own. The dosage will need to be reduced grad…

Dealing with an alcoholic

If you know someone who is struggling with their alcohol use, it’s so important to try and help them address their probl…

How to manage your addiction recovery during a COVID Christmas

This year, as we head towards a Christmas with COVID-19 restrictions in place, you may be feeling even more apprehensive…

Sporting Highs and Lows Podcast Launch

Priory Group have launched a new podcast series, ‘Sporting Highs and Lows’, which will be looking into the prevalence of…

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