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Alcohol abuse – does drink control you?

The negative consequences of misusing alcohol can be immeasurable and far-reaching. If you have an alcohol addiction, the impact of your behaviour on others may not always be something that you can see or are aware of. A close family member could be at their wit’s end over your addiction, yet you could be completely oblivious to this. Why? Because, generally speaking, drinkers are self-interested. Some typical behaviours may include:

  • Being lazy and unhelpful at home
  • Being bad-tempered and moody on the day after an evening of heavy drinking, and create a negative atmosphere in the home
  • Spending all of your money on alcohol instead of contributing towards household costs/savings
  • Withdrawing from your responsibilities
  • Prioritising drinking over everything else
  • Continuing to drink even though this has had a negative impact on your home life and relationships with loved ones

Is this you?

If you are a heavy drinker, you may be unaware of the detrimental effect that your addiction is having on your own life and the lives of those who are closest to you. When you eventually do realise that your addiction has taken over your life, it can often seem ‘too late’, as you’re unable to stop or curb your drinking habits.

Most problem drinkers know they should reduce their regular alcohol consumption level, but feel that alcohol is in control of them.

Here’s what some of our former Manor Clinic patients had to say:

  • “Drinking isn’t something I can take or leave; I have to do it.”
  • “If I could stop drinking or at least reduce the amount that I drink each week, then I would, but I simply can’t. It is as if the decision to stop drinking isn’t up to me; as if it’s not in my hands.”
  • “Alcohol is my god. That’s the best way I can think to put it. I worship it and don’t see myself ever giving it up, although I know deep down that I should.”
  • “I think of alcohol as a kind of puppet master (with me as the helpless marionette, of course). Booze controls me, and in turn, shapes just about every part of my life.”
  • “I have relationship problems, work problems, money problems, health problems…all because of my alcohol misuse, yet still I remain a slave to the bottle. Alcohol has so much control over me, it’s truly frightening. I really need to get some help now.”

Get help today

It’s important to understand that no matter how serious your alcohol addiction is, this condition is entirely treatable and it’s possible for you to make a full and lasting recovery. At Manor Clinic, our residential 28-day Addiction Treatment Programme has been specifically designed to help you to alleviate your symptoms, address the underlying causes and triggers for your alcohol abuse and return to the healthy, happy and fulfilling life that you deserve.

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