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Alcohol addiction specialists helped to boost my self-confidence

You don’t need alcohol to be socially confident

It's common for many people to feel anxious when heading to a social event. Anxiety symptoms vary from person to person, but to confidently walk into a room full of strangers, to go on dates without feeling like a nervous wreck, to mingle at events, or to even be the life and soul of the party, you don’t have to partake in an alcoholic drink first. You no longer have to drink a quick couple of beers or get some wine down you at home before heading off for a night out with others who always seem so much more socially confident than you.

Do this instead

To face or handle any kind of social situation without feeling vulnerable, alcohol simply does not have to feature at all. Why? Because developing self-confidence is easier than you think. And when you’ve mastered a few techniques, you’ll wonder why on earth you waited so long to address your low self-confidence issue, and why, over the years, you relied so heavily on alcohol to get you through, when there was absolutely no need to.

“If only I’d learnt about developing self-confidence years before I eventually tackled the problem” says Shauna*. “It would certainly have saved me a fortune in alcohol! Now, I hardly drink at all, and I definitely don’t rely on drink to summon up the courage to face all kinds of social situations.”

Alcohol addiction specialists showed me the way

“I used to be so dependent on alcohol, to be able to cope with social situations” explains Hasan*. “I even used to drink a couple of pints before job interviews! It wasn’t exactly the best way to impress a prospective employer, I know, but believe me, without having alcohol inside me, I found interviews, appointments, and all types of social situations (such as parties, or going out on dates) utterly terrifying. I’d be a nervous wreck.

“It was only after finally addressing my reliance on drink, with the help of professional counsellors and therapists at Manor Clinic that I finally learnt to be confident without alcohol.”

Help from specialists in alcohol addiction can help individuals to identify the underlying causes and triggers for their alcohol abuse, and take steps towards a full recovery. Alcohol addiction treatment can include:

“At Manor Clinic, we talked about self-confidence and addressing low self-esteem, in group sessions” explains Maria*. “I found it all so incredibly helpful – life-changing, to be honest. The alcohol addiction specialists were SO encouraging.”

From alcohol addiction specialists, Maria learned to develop self-confidence primarily through:

  • Focusing on the things in life that she is good at, rather than always punishing herself mentally for her failings, weaknesses and insecurities, which we all have
  • Accepting compliments and other types of positive reinforcement, and believing them to be true. Before, Maria would simply shrug off the praise and encouraging words of others, feeling unable to believe that they could possibly be telling the truth
  • Not fretting so much about her appearance (Maria has for some time been battling obesity) and instead focusing upon her good points
  • Helping other people in their own lives – supporting them and, drawing from her own life experiences, offering guidance and encouragement where and when necessary

“At first, I couldn’t see at all how helping others could possibly increase my own self-confidence” explains Maria. “But it was explained to me that making a positive difference to other people’s lives can be rewarding, and give a real boost to one’s own confidence. It really works!”

*All names have been changed.

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