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What happens during a cocaine detox?

We understand how momentous it can feel to seek recovery from drug addiction. The treatment of cocaine addiction usually starts with medically-assisted detoxification (detox) where, with the support of trained specialists, you rid your body of the drug and go through withdrawal within a safe and secure environment.

Following on from cocaine detox, you will then typically work through a rehabilitation treatment programme. While detox helps to start physically repairing your body by removing cocaine from it, a rehabilitation programmes prepares your mind-set and mental wellbeing for the next stage of recovery. Further treatment, such as secondary addiction services and therapy, can then be a helpful way for you to work on sustaining your recovery.

What is detox?

Detox breaks down and passes out toxic and addictive substances in the body, to reduce their harmful effects and gradually help you to function without them.

It can be dangerous to try and stop taking cocaine, or any other drug, suddenly and without assistance (which is also known as going ‘cold turkey’). This is because your body is likely to suffer an unpleasant reaction after becoming accustomed to cocaine being in your system. These symptoms, which are caused by your brain’s reaction to the chemical change, are known as withdrawal symptoms. They must be prepared for and managed carefully, in a controlled environment.

It is recommended that the detox process is carried out in a specialist treatment facility, delivered by an expert team trained in dealing with the particular drug you are addicted to. A comfortable environment can help you to work through the pain and discomfort of withdrawal. Undertaking detox in a specialist centre also means that you have access to the necessary level of care to guide you through the process safely, with someone always on hand to provide support.

What happens during a medically-assisted drug detox?

As part of the detoxification process, our team will first assess your cocaine addiction to determine the recommended steps to take.

Medical assessment for detox

If and when we determine that you should be placed in detox, we will create a tailored plan for undergoing this treatment at Manor Clinic. This world-class addiction treatment centre is based in Southampton, Hampshire. Your plan will be informed by your medical history, your current physical health and the details around your cocaine use, including the severity and length of your addiction.

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms

There are various physical and psychological symptoms which can occur from cocaine withdrawal. Which ones you experience, and their level of intensity, can vary depending on different factors, such as the severity of your cocaine addiction and your current physical condition.

  • Physical cocaine withdrawal symptoms might include nausea, vomiting, headaches, heart rate issues, muscle pain and exhaustion.
  • Possible psychological cocaine withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, insomnia and paranoia.
  • More severe cocaine withdrawal symptoms include seeing or hearing hallucinations as well as seizures.

You can read more around the different withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced on our dedicated drug detox page.

Detox medication

During your assessment, we look at the most appropriate medication for your needs.

When you then go through your detoxification, we will continue to monitor this so that you remain safe and well throughout the process. We want you to feel at ease with the way your treatment is delivered, so that you can focus your attention on your recovery journey.

Around-the-clock detox support

Detox specialists will be there to support you whenever you need them. Our qualified nursing team are onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, making sure that you receive the required level of care you need to cope with whatever occurs during detox. They will exercise compassion and empathy to help you become stable, nurturing your mental health as much as your physical strength.

How long does detox last?

The detox process at The Manor Clinic usually lasts for seven days, but can be longer depending on the quantity of cocaine used and duration of your addiction. Everyone’s detox is a unique experience, with treatment personalised for your needs. To properly address cocaine addiction, detox is usually best undertaken alongside therapy, as the psychological effects can last for many weeks. The emotional impact of cocaine misuse is far-reaching, with flashbacks sometimes experienced years later. You are therefore more likely to become psychologically dependent on cocaine and crave the comfort or excitement it provides, than to become physically dependent.

Detox is still a crucial physical process, as it helps to stop addictive behaviours.  It will remove the drug from your system in the short-term. We strongly recommend that you then consider further, therapy-based, treatment, to deal with the root causes of your addiction and learn how to make healthier choices in the future. This will help you to avoid relapse and stay recovered from cocaine addiction in the long-term.

Following on from a detox at Manor Clinic, we recommend that people work through our 28-day Addiction Treatment Programme. This is also offered by Manor Clinic, at our elegant Georgian mansion set in beautifully-maintained grounds in Southampton. The full programme of treatment will help us to guide you through the initial detox process and then work with you to address the underlying issues to avoid relapse, with a structured therapy and lifestyle plan. Through this programme, you also have access to free aftercare for life once your treatment is over.

There are other flexible options available. You can read more about our residential treatment options here.

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This blog was reviewed by Sarina Wheatman, (Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner (EFT), Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals (FDAP) NCAC), Addiction Treatment Programme Manager at Manor Clinic.

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