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Patients in rehab can gain 18 months’ knowledge in 28 days

Knowledge is power and for many alcoholics, learning about the illness helps them to prevent relapse. If you are an alcoholic, taking the first step towards seeking help is not easy, but for many it can change lives – both their own and those of close friends and family – for the better. Whilst attending 12-Step groups is a vital part in the rehabilitation of many patients, for some, they need a more intensive way of getting their recovery on track.

Sandeep*, Mark*, Nicola* and Lucia*, who recently completed a 28-day residential Addiction Treatment Programme Manor Clinic in Southampton, talk about why the more intensive approach was necessary for them.

Nicola had become a daily drinker who thought she had depression

“When I realised I was an alcoholic, by focusing and committing to a 28-day treatment programme, I gained the tools I needed to deal with things and act appropriately. At Manor Clinic, you gain 18 months’ knowledge in 28 days. I needed a safe place to be whilst I came to terms with who I was and why I had let alcohol take control of me. My time at Manor Clinic was the start of my recovery.”

Sandeep had lost his identity upon early retirement and his drinking took over

“I felt I couldn’t function without drink. My time at Manor Clinic saved my life. 28 days in treatment there is the equivalent of almost two years spent in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The programme is intensive and afterwards, you are much more prepared to deal with your situation, learning the tools for recovery in a safe and friendly environment. You learn a lot from the weekly aftercare group when you are an inpatient, and it’s also great to share experiences with the current patients when you have left.”

Lucia, who was in her early 30s, felt she was too young to be an alcoholic

”I had become physically dependent on alcohol and realised I didn’t want to be like that anymore. I needed to be removed from my daily routine and triggers to drinking. The therapy at Manor Clinic got me sober, and regularly attending 12-Step meetings helps to keep me sober. Every day is a miracle.”

Mark knew he needed to do something before his alcohol addiction destroyed everything

“The 28-day programme gave me time to look at myself. I was at a stage in my life in which I had lost track of who I was. I needed to understand why I wanted to self-destruct and escape reality. Manor Clinic helped me to rearrange the jigsaw puzzle. I was always after the next high. I now understand the genetic line in my family for addiction and can see a strong drinking pattern from when I was young. I regularly attend Narcotics Anonymous (NA) as well as AA now; the programme at Manor Clinic helped me to understand how these meetings could help me. However, it was the intensive treatment at Manor Clinic that saved my life and my relationships. You need to want to make the change.”

Jacqui Newbold, Addictions and Aftercare Manager and Manor Clinic, says: “If you are addicted to alcohol, the longer you commit to focusing on recovery, the greater chance you have to sustain your recovery and addiction-free life for the future. Many people we work with at Manor Clinic benefit from a period of intensive treatment to understand the reasons they have become addicted to drugs or alcohol.”

The Addiction Treatment Programme at Manor Clinic aims to minimise the physical and psychological distress of withdrawal in a safe and supportive environment. The dedicated and professional team provide highest standards of understanding, care and support for anyone deciding on addiction rehab.

*Some names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.

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