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Sporting Highs and Lows

Priory Group launch podcast series, exploring the links between addiction, mental health and sport.

The impact of mental health and addiction is as profound in the sporting world as in all walks-of-life, but often leads to the experience of those impacted being played out in public.

The pressure from fans, teammates and family, along with the pressures that highly determined and driven individuals can place upon themselves, understandably can lead to an impact on mental health, including addiction. Add to that the impact of injury, success, failure and retirement, and it’s no surprise that mental health is one of the biggest area of concern for sportspeople.

Priory Group's new podcast, Sporting Highs and Lows, will be looking into the prevalence of addiction and poor mental health across the sporting world. They’ll be speaking to a range of people from across sport, who can give their own insights into how addiction, mental health and sport can be inter-twinned.

It’s hosted by Luke Sutton, ex-professional cricketer and now a sports agent, where he sees first-hand the impact of addiction and mental health challenges on those involved in Sport. Luke also speaks from experience, having sought alcohol addiction treatment with Priory, over ten years ago. Luke is joined by Priory addiction therapist Pamela Roberts.

Sporting Highs and Lows Podcast – Episode 1

You can click below to listen to the first podcast episode, featuring former England international footballer Paul Walsh.

In this podcast, Paul discusses his journey from a high-profile football career, playing for Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, Portsmouth and England, before moving into TV broadcasting after hanging up his boots, through to eventually seeking help for alcohol addiction

Paul’s own battle with alcoholism led to him seeking professional addiction treatment, and he has been sober for four and a half years. He now volunteers his time as a peer supporter at Manor Clinic, inspiring others on the Addiction Treatment Programme to stay on the path to long-term recovery.

The ongoing journey in recovery from addiction

Paul has now been volunteering for us at Manor Clinic for three years, and loves helping others going through the same challenges he has faced. He says that providing a service to others helps him to feel spiritual, and he feels immense pride when he sees the progress of people he sponsors. He attends regular AA meetings wherever he travels around the world; during the pandemic’s restrictions, he’s been doing them over Zoom. You can watch a video of Paul talking about this here.

Seeking help for alcohol addiction

Alcoholism is a serious condition that requires the help of experienced specialists. If you feel that you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s important to reach out for professional support.

At Manor Clinic, we can carry out an initial no-obligation assessment to determine each person’s needs before recommending treatment. Our most comprehensive course of treatment is our 28-day residential Addiction Treatment Programme. This incorporates the 12-step treatment philosophy, a model universally approved for its effective guiding principles, focusing on each person’s motivations for overcoming their addiction.

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