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A wealth of resources on addiction to alcohol drugs as well as behavioural addictions such as; gambling, sex and pornography. 

“Hitting rock bottom did me a favour”

How can hitting rock bottom do anyone a favour? That’s exactly how Christian* describes his own experience of his descen…

“I beat two addictions”

For a leading addiction rehab clinic to forge a reputation for getting excellent results, it needs to include a team of…

The importance of family in addiction recovery

When a person is struggling with an addiction, their behaviour can have an impact on multiple people, especially their l…

I’m desperate to go to rehab, but what about my job?

Rehab treatment options and costs aim to be as flexible and affordable as possible, meaning that seeking professional he…

Rehab treatment – don’t make this mistake

You see your only remaining option as going to your GP and asking them to refer you to a rehab treatment clinic. But you…

Other people’s drinking – should you mention it?

For countless people, starting the conversation about alcohol abuse can seem impossible. However, engaging the drinker i…

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