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Jacqui Newbold
Addictions and Aftercare Manager

Jacqui Newbold

Jacqui Newbold is the addictions and aftercare manager at The Manor Clinic, and is part of the team that originally set up the clinic, which opened its doors in June 2007. 

Jacqui has 21 years of experience; having worked in the arena of mental health since 1997. Jacqui originally worked as a care assistant, in various positions, until specialising in addictions. Jacqui has nurtured and developed a robust and often busy aftercare community.

The programme provides weekly, all day sessions for patients who have graduated from the 28 day programme. The sessions help our former patients with their ongoing life outside The Manor Clinic, providing them with help, guidance, support and care.


Jacqui attends all relevant training sessions and her continual personal development is ongoing. Jacqui also attends regular supervision which ensures best practice.

I remain passionate about people’s recovery, mental wellbeing and health. My focus is always on the best outcome for my patients, and I support them with this in any way that I can.

In my role as a therapist, I facilitate group sessions (inpatient and aftercare) and continue to work to the best of my ability. I am very proud of what The Manor Clinic offers and I continue to strive for excellence.

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