Treatment for bipolar disorder

When a person struggles with substance misuse and co-occurring bipolar affective disorder, the negative aftermath on his or her life can be utterly destructive. The highs and lows of bipolar affective disorder, combined with a compulsive and self-destructive need to misuse substances, can create waves of disruption and chaos in a person’s life. Few areas of a person’s life, from relationships to work to physical health, are safe from the fallout of these disorders.

Bipolar disorder treatment at The Manor Clinic is offered in conjunction with addiction treatment. If you only require treatment for bipolar disorder, please contact The Priory Hospital Southampton

Fortunately, substance misuse and co-occurring bipolar affective disorder do not have to dictate a person’s life. With the help of the experienced and caring treatment team at The Manor Clinic, it is possible to simultaneously break free from substance use and develop tools to learn to manage the symptoms of bipolar affective disorder. With the help of The Manor Clinic, a brighter future is possible.

Why consider bipolar disorder treatment at The Manor Clinic

If left untreated, substance misuse and co-occurring bipolar affective disorder can wreak havoc on a person’s life. They can cause intense relational strain, leaving a person deprived of social support or meaningful relational interaction. These disorders are known to affect a person’s job performance and can make it all but impossible to maintain steady work or avoid financial strain. Long-term unemployment is a distinct possibility.

These disorders can even affect a person’s body. Depending on the person’s preferred drug(s), substance misuse can cause organ damage, cognitive impairment, and may even increase a person’s risk of contracting a sexually-transmitted infection due to sharing dirty needles. Unfortunately, the risk of death from suicide or overdose is also a very real danger.

Despite the severe nature of these consequences, however, a person can successfully avert disaster by seeking prompt, effective treatment at a dedicated treatment centre.

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Types of treatment for bipolar affective disorder offered at The Manor Clinic

When a person comes to The Manor Clinic for bipolar disorder treatment,the following methods of treatment can be incorporated into an individual’s personally tailored treatment plan, whether they are embarking on a 28, 14 or 7-day programme:

  • Medically assisted detox
  • Medication management
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family support
  • Experiential therapy

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In choosing The Manor Clinic to break free from an addiction to substances and overcome the symptoms of bipolar affective disorder, you or someone you care about will receive the treatment needed to begin the next chapter of life, free from the constraints of chemical dependency.

To learn more about our programming, or to begin the process of admissions, feel free to give our helpful admissions team a call. We are standing by to help you determine if our centre is the place to begin living the sober and healthy life you deserve to be living.

Helping a loved one get treatment for bipolar affective disorder

Being on the front lines of their battle against substance misuse and co-occurring bipolar affective disorder, you are no doubt well aware of the painful grasp of these disorders. However, no matter how hopeless the fight may seem, you are never without options for helping your loved one. Consider the following steps to take:

  • Do your research. Learn all you can about bipolar affective disorder, and learn how it affects them. Similarly, develop a good understanding of your loved one’s preferred substance(s). Learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of intoxication and overdose and make a plan for how to handle these situations. Finally, speak with knowledgeable treatment professionals about how substance misuse and bipolar affective disorder can interact.
  • Investigate treatment options. Given the severity of what they are facing, he or she will most likely require professional help in order to heal. As such, one way you can help is by researching treatment options and see if The Manor Clinic is a good fit for them. Pay special attention to the methods of treatment and philosophy of care. If you are unsure about these, feel free to contact our admissions team for more information.
  • Continue building your relationship with them. It is important to remain an active ally in the fight against substance misuse and co-occurring bipolar affective disorder. Make sure to keep an open line of communication, and in doing so, approach him or her in a patient and non-judgmental manner. Above all, try your best to ensure your conversations do not become arguments.
  • Once they are ready to enter treatment, help him or her with the transition process. For example, he or she will likely need to meet with treatment centre staff, so you can help by arranging these appointments. They may also appreciate your willingness to attend those appointments with him or her as a source of support.
  • During their time in treatment, remain an active source of support. Attend any available family sessions and communicate with them regularly.
  • Above all, consider your own needs. You will be most effective in helping them if your own needs are met, so make sure to take care of yourself. Now is the time to enlist the help of family and friends, as well as keeping up with healthy habits. Consider what hobbies you enjoy, and make sure to schedule time for them. In addition, consider joining a support group or beginning individual therapy.
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