28 Day Programme in Southampton, Hampshire

The most intensive treatment option at The Manor Clinic is our 28-day programme, which features medically-assisted detoxification and a personalised treatment plan including a variety of therapeutic activities. While the specifics of each person’s experience in our 28 day programme will vary depending upon their unique needs, the following elements may be incorporated into the treatment plan:

Ridding your body of the substances that you have been misusing is an essential precursor to a successful therapeutic experience. For individuals who have been incapable of completing this process prior to entering treatment at The Manor Clinic, our medically-assisted detox programme provides a safe and closely supervised environment where individuals can withdraw from their substances of misuse.

Medication management
If a person’s chemical dependence issues are accompanied by certain co-occurring mental health disorders, prescription medications that can alleviate distressing symptoms may be included in the treatment plan.

Individuals who receive medication management services at The Manor Clinic will meet with a psychiatrist on a weekly basis if needed. Members of our nursing staff and on-call doctors are also available to monitor medications and provide additional assistance as needed.

Group therapy
Group therapy is a fundamental element of treatment in the 28-day programme at The Manor Clinic. Led by qualified addiction therapists, group sessions are conducted everyday and allow individuals to share their insights, learn from the experiences of others, and practice effective communication and other skills that will support their continued recovery.

Topics addressed during group therapy sessions may include the disease concept of addiction, working the programme, family and relationship issues, work issues, social life, and exit planning.

Our group therapy sessions are small and intimate, driving greater engagement for patients. We promote an informal and flexible approach to all treatment so our patients feel comfortable and relaxed but at the same time, receive the most intensive treatment possible for recovery.

Individual therapy
One-to-one sessions with an experienced therapist are excellent opportunities for patients to process successes and setbacks and address other issues that they may be hesitant to discuss in a group environment. At The Manor Clinic, individual therapy sessions may be scheduled by request.

Family therapy
A designated family liaison professional is available to conduct family therapy sessions on a fortnightly basis. Family therapy provides an opportunity to address the impact that addiction has had on the lives of loved ones, to improve communication and strengthen family bonds, and to prepare family members and close friends to provide the most effective support when the individual in treatment has returned home.

Additional services
In addition to the traditional therapies described above, individuals in treatment at The Manor Clinic also have the opportunity to engage in a variety of additional activities. For example, yoga classes are held twice each week, 12-step fellowship meetings are conducted three times each week, and our aftercare group meets once each week. We also provide access to weekly AA meetings every Friday and Saturday in a nearby town along with a complimentary taxi service to and from with a member of our staff.

These and other activities are designed to provide individuals in recovery with practical and effective means of managing stress, resisting relapse, and maintaining healthy recovery long after they have completed their time at The Manor Clinic.

Aftercare planning
At The Manor Clinic, we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients are provided with the support that they need when they leave treatment, enabling life-long recovery and wellbeing. That’s why we offer FREE aftercare for life, for those who have completed the 28-day programme with us. This consists of weekly aftercare group sessions, as well as ongoing support via telephone and email, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to formal aftercare sessions and support, we also host an annual summer barbeque and Christmas party for patients who have completed The Manor Clinic’s 28-day programme. This enables patients to keep in touch, share experiences, and support each other throughout their ongoing recovery and abstinence journey.

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