Post-discharge support

Individuals who elect to receive treatment at our centre become part of The Manor Clinic family. We believe achieving sobriety is something to be celebrated, and that those who reach this life-changing goal should have ongoing support from us as well as others who have completed the programme. For this reason, The Manor Clinic is pleased to offer lifelong staff and peer support through our aftercare services.

“Sharing issues with other people recovering from addiction, with professional moderation and counselling during my aftercare programme, has been an absolutely vital part of my early recovery.” 
– Former inpatient and current aftercare client

These services, which are available to those who complete our 28-day programme, are in place so that the individuals we have treated can continue their recovery long after leaving The Manor Clinic. Given the fact that patient-centred care is at the core of our programmes, we want nothing more than for our patients to live the healthy and sober lives they deserve to be living, and we recognise that the key to making that happen is by offering them continued support.

The beneficial aspects of our aftercare group services include:

Free weekly, day-long aftercare sessions
Held on Wednesdays from 10:00 until 16:15, our aftercare sessions allow our aftercare group to come together to process their post-treatment experiences, learn new methods for coping with stress that do not involve the use of substances, and supply support and encouragement to one another in an environment that is safe.

Our dedicated care team leads these sessions and remain available to help alumni should they be experiencing challenges related to maintaining their sobriety. The principle benefit of these sessions lays in the fact that those who are sober can form and maintain new relationships with others who know first-hand the obstacles associated with overcoming an addiction.

Access to 24-hour telephone support
At The Manor Clinic, we understand that maintaining sobriety outside of the confines of a rehabilitative treatment setting can be difficult from time to time, as a person’s primary living environment can present a number of challenges and triggers that could tempt an individual to resort back to the misuse of alcohol or drugs. It is because of such potential circumstances that we afford our aftercare group with the ability to reach out to our centre for support whenever they need it.

Our staff can be contacted day or night to help someone that we have treated and can talk him or her through what he or she is currently experiencing. We purposefully offer this service as a means of letting our former patients know that we will remain an ongoing source of support and encouragement in their lives.

Biannual aftercare group outings
In addition to the structured support offered in our aftercare sessions and the one-on-one attention that can be received via our telephone support, our aftercare group can benefit from sober and social experiences through outings that are held twice per year. Our Aftercare group can interact with one another and celebrate their recovery successes in a secure and positive environment.

At The Manor Clinic, we want to provide our patients with every advantage as they pursue healthier and sober lives, and we are pleased to offer lifetime support to the individuals who have recovered with us. If you or your loved one would like to learn more about our aftercare group services or any other aspect of treatment that we supply, feel free to contact our centre. Let us help you or someone you care about embark on the road to a substance-free tomorrow.

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