Continuing Care

At The Manor Clinic, we believe that long-term sobriety requires long-term commitment. Throughout a patient’s time with us, our staff put forth every effort to ensure that they begin a successful road to recovery. Part of this is to ensuring our patients’ progression involves preparing them for a lifetime of sobriety, and we begin this from the moment they begin treatment at our centre.

Exit planning is incorporated into each patient’s personalised treatment plan and discharge is discussed in a group format with other patients and our staff. Understanding that returning home following a stay in a rehabilitative setting can cause individuals to feel anxious and question their ability to refrain from the misuse of substances, we purposefully have our patients interact with one another so as to quell any apprehensions about returning to their respective communities newly sober.

Additionally, the needs of those we treat are assessed for the duration of treatment in order to determine the follow-up services and resources needed to help them hold true to abstaining from alcohol and/or drugs. In doing so, the individuals who complete care at The Manor Clinic are able to continue and build upon the progress they have made while at our centre.

Finally, and in order to further emphasise our steadfastness to our patients’ long-term sobriety, we are pleased to offer an aftercare group to those who partake in The Manor Clinic treatment experience. Following a patient’s discharge from our 28-day programme, we offer this group on Wednesdays from 10:00 until 16:15. During this group, individuals can come together to do the following:

  • Process their post-treatment experiences
  • Discuss methods for handing situations in which their sobriety has been / could be tested
  • Offer support to one another so as to continue their recovery success
  • Celebrate recovery victories

The Manor Clinic also hosts an annual Summer BBQ and Christmas get together for patients who participated in the full 28-day treatment programme allowing them to catch up with each other and share all that is happening in their lives.

We also provide patients with access to free 24-hour telephone support in the event they are needing the assistance of our dedicated staff when not in our care. Family members and other loved ones also benefit from our ongoing support, as we extend the free services in our Family Support to those closest to the individuals who are no longer receiving treatment at The Manor Clinic.

If you or someone you care about has any questions related to our treatment, our aftercare planning, or the manner in which we support our patients and their loved ones, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

In choosing our centre, recovery is possible and you become part of The Manor Clinic family.

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