Leading Treatment Centre for Alcohol & Drug Addiction in Southampton, Hampshire

Addiction Treatment

The Manor Clinic offers intensive and effective 7, 14, and 28-day treatment options that are designed to help men and women take their first steps on the path of long-term sobriety.


Our medically monitored detox process provides a safe and comfortable environment in which men and women can rid their bodies of the substances that they have been misusing.

Family Support

Our services include helping family members of individuals in our care to address the impact that addiction has had on their lives while also learning how best to support their loved ones.

Welcome to The Manor Clinic, Southampton

Welcome to The Manor Clinic, where individuals have the opportunity to heal in a safe and comfortable environment. Our care teams provide comprehensive services that have been carefully tailored to meet our patients’ unique needs and to help them re-establish constructive relationships with themselves, their families, and their friends, rebuilding bridges if necessary.

Depending upon an individual’s specific strengths, needs, and treatment goals, their experience at The Manor Clinic may include a variety of elements, including medically assisted detox, therapy programmes that promote long-term recovery, informative lectures and workshops, and planning to provide ongoing post-discharge support.

Our clinic’s main building is an elegant Georgian mansion, set in beautifully maintained grounds, giving a relaxed feel to encourage peace and well-being. All patient bedrooms are single occupancy, with double beds, and are tastefully furnished, with ensuite facilities. Therapies take place in a garden room on the grounds of the clinic – all our private and communal areas are spacious and relaxing with a homely feel

Within this beautiful and supportive environment, men and women learn to let go of addiction and take hold of the happier and healthier lives that they both desire and deserve.

Why choose The Manor Clinic?

The Manor Clinic is a private addiction treatment centre in Southampton that specialises in the rehabilitation of people who have been struggling with substance misuse, addiction, and certain co-occurring mental health disorders. We support the men and women who are entrusted into our care by providing evidenced-based therapeutic programming that is delivered by trained therapists.

Treatment at The Manor Clinic is provided by therapists, nurses, consultant psychiatrists, addiction counsellors, a family liaison team, and other caring staff members. These experienced professionals specialise in a range of issues, including many aspects of addiction and recovery, dependency, mood disorders, stress, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).