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This page was reviewed by Sarina Wheatman, (Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner (EFT), Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals (FDAP) NCAC), Addiction Treatment Programme Manager at Manor Clinic.

Addiction Rehabilitation at Manor Clinic, Southampton

Addiction can have a profoundly negative effect on you mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and can also prevent you from functioning effectively on a daily basis. Today, effective treatment for addiction can support you to make a successful recovery, and return to the healthy and enjoyable life you deserve.

Specialist treatments, such as inpatient programmes and therapy, can help you to tackle your symptoms, address the underlying triggers for your destructive behaviours and pave the way towards recovery and wellbeing.

Here at Manor Clinic, we specialise in addiction treatment and recovery. Our highly skilled team possess expertise in treating all forms of addiction and are able to use a variety of interventions to help you to overcome your addiction and get back on track.

Discover how we do that below:

What is Substance Addiction?

An addiction is characterised by an individual uncontrollably and repeatedly consuming or doing something, despite the negative effects that this causes.

The harmful activity, whether it involves substance misuse or a compulsive behaviour, is repeated because it causes individuals to experience valuable or pleasurable outcomes, which can gradually lead to them developing a physical and/or psychological dependence on the activity.

Addictions can have a hugely detrimental impact on multiple areas of an individual’s life and can result in devastating long-term physical and psychological problems.

What Addictions are Treated at Manor Clinic?

At Manor Clinic, we provide high-quality treatment and therapy for a broad array of substance addictions and compulsive behaviours.

Substance addictions are related to the uncontrollable use of a substance, despite its harmful consequences. Examples include:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Cannabis addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction

Behavioural addictions are similar to substance addictions in that they involve an uncontrollable element. However, in the case of behavioural addictions, it involves a particular behaviour or activity. Examples include:

  • Gambling addiction
  • Internet use or gaming addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Food addiction

Addictive behaviours can often go hand in hand with mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When appropriate, we treat these co-occurring mental health conditions alongside your primary addiction diagnosis. This allows our patients to not only tackle their addiction, but also take steps to address the underlying problems that could be causing or exacerbating their addiction.

Treatment for Addiction

You don’t have to struggle with an addiction. Effective treatment means that sufferers can overcome their symptoms and live happy, normal lives without the damaging effects of addiction.

Addiction treatment at Manor Clinic is based on the world-renowned 12-Step treatment philosophy, which is an abstinence-based approach. This approach to treatment outlines a set of guiding principles for the addiction treatment journey and focuses on an individual’s motivation to change their destructive habits.

Addiction Treatment Programme at Manor Clinic

Addiction treatment at Manor Clinic takes place on an intensive residential basis, with 28 days being the recommended length of time for this. Patients are also encouraged to stay with us for longer than 28 days if this is deemed as being beneficial for their wellbeing and long-term recovery.

Our Addiction Treatment Programme gives you the opportunity to address the physical side of your addiction via our medically assisted detoxification process, before commencing with an intensive programme of group therapy, in order to tackle the underlying causes for your addiction.

A 28-day Addiction Treatment Programme also includes an initial addiction assessment, a family support programme, access to support groups and free rehabilitation aftercare for life once treatment is complete.


Therapy is a central part of treatment for addiction. Therapy allows you to get to the root causes of your addictive behaviour. Therapy can also help you to recognise unhealthy patterns that lead to addictive behaviour, identifying triggers and developing coping strategies that help you to deal with cravings.

To achieve these goals, therapy techniques like the below might be used:

  • Mindfulness
  • Mood management
  • Emotional freedom techniques

Alongside therapy, our patients can also participate in holistic wellbeing activities, like yoga and meditation, to help promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.

When to Seek Treatment for Addiction

Those struggling with addiction problems will likely find it very difficult to manage their daily responsibilities. It might also be severely damaging your relationships with loved ones and friends. Other indicators that might suggest you need to reach out for support include:

  • Continuing with the addictive activity even after experiencing negative repercussions from previous misuse
  • Prioritising your addictive activity over everything else
  • Intense cravings for the substance or behaviour and an inability to function without it

There are many other symptoms of addiction, both physical and psychological in nature. It’s worth familiarising yourself with the symptoms of drug addiction and signs of gambling addiction; these will give you an example of what’s typically experienced by those suffering with substance or behavioural addiction.

Manor Clinic: World Class Addiction Treatment

Manor Clinic’s leading addiction treatment can help you to get your life back on track. Discover how we support people through their lifelong journey of recovery, and get in touch to discuss how we can do the same for you.

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