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An effective alcohol treatment programme – can you really beat that?

An effective alcohol treatment programme is not something that is only available to residential patients at a private clinic. Outpatient care is also an option for people seeking to tackle their addiction to alcohol and is the ideal way to receive expert care if you simply cannot be away from home for a period of weeks.

Making an effective alcohol treatment programme a priority

Failure to seek professional help for alcohol abuse can occur for a number of reasons, including

  • Being in denial
  • Not being aware that help for addiction is accessible to everyone – that there is immediate assistance out there for them if they genuinely want to change
  • Wrongly assuming that rehab treatment is only an option for high earners
  • Not having reached what they perceive to be ‘rock-bottom’
  • Feeling that drinking regularly is their only choice – the rest of their life (at home, at work) is decided for them by others, meaning that their time spent drinking is their only ‘me-time’
  • Their fellow drinkers make up their social group and worrying about what will happen to their social life if they take steps to stop drinking
  • Being in a relationship with another drinker (their ‘enabler’) with whom they are strongly emotionally attached and/or unable to break away from

Rod’s* story (and how an effective alcohol treatment programme saved him)

“I arrogantly believed that I knew best when it came to overcoming my addiction to alcohol,” explains Rod. “I used to be the guy in the room who always had to be right, always had to have the last word. Even when I reached rock bottom when I was an alcoholic a couple of years ago, I shunned others’ help and ignored advice: to go into rehab as a residential patient to ‘get dry’.

“I tried to overcome my addiction on my own, but failed miserably. I was still too proud to concede defeat though, and it was 18 months later that I finally checked into The Manor Clinic, where an effective alcohol treatment programme sorted me out. It was do that or lose my family, my home, my job, EVERYTHING.

“When my wife gave me a final ultimatum, my bags were packed and I was on the next train to Southampton!”

*Names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.

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