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Angie Cullen
Addiction Therapist

Angie Cullen

In 2012, Angie Cullen joined Manor Clinic as an addiction nurse therapist, and initiated and continue to run and promote the Addiction Family Programme. Angie currently works as an addiction therapist and manager of family programme at Manor Clinic.

Professional experience

Angie qualified as a registered mental health nurse in 1981 and worked in the fields of general psychiatry, private mental health treatment and addiction. Her roles were based in London; she started as a ward manager before then working as a programme co-ordinator from 1982.

Angie worked at two addiction clinics in London both owned by Charter, an American company committed to best treatment of mental health and addiction; their programmes were underpinned by the Minnesota Model (12 step programme).

She then worked as an assessment and aftercare co-ordinator for Action on Addiction in London, before commencing as eating disorder deputy ward manager at St Georges, London. Angie then worked as a senior addiction nurse specialist at Basingstoke Alcohol Service.

Angie is registered as a therapist as well as a professional by the FDAP.

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